Pregnancy Nutrition: Basics for the First Trimester

Pregnancy nutrition can seem overwhelming during the first trimester, when you are dealing not only with the emotional impact of having a baby, but a host of hormonal changes as well. Most expectant mothers want to change the food for pregnancy they eat overnight, but making drastic changes can actually backfire and cause more stress … Read morePregnancy Nutrition: Basics for the First Trimester

First Weeks of Pregnancy

The first few weeks of pregnancy can be somewhat strange and wonderful at the same time, but its also a very special time, at this stage most women wouldn’t realize that they are pregnant. This guide will help you understand and enjoy your pregnancy, you will learn whats going on in your body and how … Read moreFirst Weeks of Pregnancy

Pregnancy First, Then Lose the Weight

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life that brings with it a glorious blessing after nine months. A few fortunate women sail through their pregnancies and their bodies bounce back without a hitch or any additional weight gain. For the majority of the women though this is not the case. The key to … Read morePregnancy First, Then Lose the Weight

The Biology of the First Trimester of Pregnancy

We all know how women become pregnant, and we have heard stories of the birthing process. What goes on during the nine months of a normal pregnancy? Yes, a mother might get morning sickness, stretch marks, and swollen feet. But many people may not stop to consider the various changes that are going on inside … Read moreThe Biology of the First Trimester of Pregnancy

The First Trimester of Pregnancy – A Time of Caution

The first trimester is the most critical moment of pregnancy since the mother should take all necessary precautions to be able to ensure safe growth of the baby. During this time, developments of essential body parts happen that pregnant mothers should know what food to eat and what activities to take. Whatever changes that will … Read moreThe First Trimester of Pregnancy – A Time of Caution

Your Pregnancy Diet Plan: The First Trimester

When you first discover you are having a baby, your pregnancy diet plan kicks into full gear. If you are like most women, you’ll find that even if you were already planning to conceive, there are still many aspects of your diet and lifestyle that need fine tuning. You may also find you are suffering … Read moreYour Pregnancy Diet Plan: The First Trimester

First Signs of Pregnancy

Each and every lady is definitely special. The same is true for each pregnancy. Absolutely no two pregnancies are the same, even for the same woman. Precisely what might affect or perhaps be a warning sign in a single expectant girl probably are not identical in another, and the other way round. Usually there are … Read moreFirst Signs of Pregnancy

What to Eat When Pregnant: Your First Trimester

When you first learn you’re having a baby, you probably immediately begin to question your diet and wonder what to eat when pregnant. Healthy nutrition is crucial during all stages of pregnancy, but the steps you take during your first trimester help to prepare yourself for the rest of your pregnancy. Also, over the first … Read moreWhat to Eat When Pregnant: Your First Trimester

First Time Parent Advice

Congratulations!  Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood!  Now, sit back and relax while I inform you of just what you got yourself into… Crying Sleepless nights Barely any free time Loads of money spent on something you will be constantly throwing away Confusion Concern Crying (Did I already mention this?) Am I being too … Read moreFirst Time Parent Advice

Great Toys For the First Three Months

Congratulations on your new baby! Newborns may not seem like they do much at first, but they are constantly learning by using their senses. New babies soak up information like a sponge and they do so by looking, touching, and hearing. Seeing your baby learn new things on a daily level can be exciting! Great … Read moreGreat Toys For the First Three Months