Pregnancy problems | problems in Pregnancy

Pregnancy problems | problems in Pregnancy

The number of women who are having children later in life is on the increase. In fact, any woman over the age of 35 who has children at this time is classed as having an advanced maternal age pregnancy. When a pregnancy after 40 years of age happens there are certain risks to be aware of. Even a woman who has undergone tubal ligation reversal surgery is at risk of these pregnancy problems as well if she is over 40. However, statistics from the site of the leading tubal ligation reversal doctor shows that women over 40 still have a 41% chance of getting pregnant even with age factors included.

However, this does not relieve the other risk factors in a pregnancy after 40. As they get older, these women are at much more risk of suffering complications while pregnant and when the baby is born. Therefore, for any women over 40, there are a number of things that should be taken into consideration before attempting to have a child.

One of these things is that as women age her fertility levels are reduced and so the chances of being able to have a child naturally are also reduced. However, as mentioned above, women over 40 who have had tubal ligation reversal surgery still have a 41% chance of becoming pregnant, so the general population of women wanting a pregnancy after 40 should be even better than this as they have not had two separate surgeries.

Women who become pregnant when over 40 are also at greater risk of bearing children with genetic abnormalities. There is a higher risk of the children they do conceive being born with genetic problems. The most common of these that is likely to occur is that the child may be born with Down Syndrome. In fact, in a pregnancy after 40 years of age, the chances of a child being born with this kind of chromosome problem is 1 in 42. Additional tests can be carried out including an amniocentesis test that will help to determine whether the fetus has this kind of genetic abnormality or not.

Women who undergo an amniocentesis test when over 40 and are pregnant must be made aware that there is a chance of losing the child after it. The chances of this terrible thing happening to any woman over the age of 40 are 1 in 200. Therefore, before this test is carried out, any woman facing the possibility should look carefully at it and weigh the pros and cons of having it carried out.

There are certain other health issues that can affect a woman when she has a pregnancy after 40. She may find she suffers from preterm labor, her blood pressure levels increase, she may develop diabetes or she may have a preeclampsia pregnancy. But it is not only a woman’s age which can be the reason for her suffering such problems. There are other factors that can cause them as well.

Women who choose to lead unhealthy lifestyles have as much chance of suffering from these health issues. However, because the chances of a woman with a pregnancy after 40 developing these health problems are far greater, she is more carefully monitored by health professionals.