Conception Times For A Girl Baby

Conception Times For A Girl Baby

I get a lot of emails which ask me to tell the writer the perfect or most desirable day to conceive a girl baby.  People want to know all sorts of things – when they should conceive in relation to their menstrual cycle, whether they should conceive in the morning or in the evening, whether they should limit their love making to only a few times in their fertility window, and how to determine the best day that will give you the highest chance of getting a daughter.  I will address these concerns in the following article.

You Should Get Active Early In Your Fertility Cycle If You Want A Girl, But You Don’t Necessarily Have To Worry About The Early Morning:  The time of day that you have intercourse doesn’t really matter, at least in my opinion.  What you should really be worried about is when your ovulation is approaching.  One thing that is unique to a female conception is that you have to act BEFORE anything has actually happened.

Many people believe this is why getting a boy baby is a little easier.  In that instance, you have intercourse once you learn that ovulation has occurred.  But, for a daughter, you have to predict it 3 – 4 days in advance.  This can be a bit trickier if you’re using old fashioned methods like basal body or vaginal temperature or trying to see changes in your cervical mucus.  But, if you’re using high quality ovulation predictors that give you a positive or negative based on changes in bodily fluids (which don’t often give false positives) you will have an easier time.  I personally believe that saliva predictors are a little more sensitive and therefore more reliable.

Why The Early Window?: Briefly, I want to explain why you want to be so early here.  The X sperm chromosomes produce daughters.  These little gals are very strong and are really not weakened by a three day wait.  However Y sperm (boy producing) can only survive for 48 – 72 hours – and that’s in the best case scenario.  So, by going out 3 – 4 days, you’re eliminating a good deal of what you don’t want.  Sure, a few of the Y’s will remain, but there are other things you can do to wipe out the survivors (raising your PH, using the correct sexual positions, etc.)

What To Do When You’re 3 – 4 Days Out: So, once you’ve determined that you’re in the girl producing window, you’ll want to start having intercourse on that day and then stop the next day.  There is only a two day window here – no more than that.  If you keep going, you’re going to waste all of your hard work because you’ll have too many Y’s.  I think 2 -3 times / attempts during this two day window is enough to give you the greatest chance of success but is not too much to lower sperm count.

As I said, it really doesn’t matter what time of day this occurs.  And, it also really doesn’t matter when your menstrual cycle was. Some women will write and say “I’m getting a positive reading or a head’s up on the ovulation predictor, but I only had my period (fill in the blank) days ago.  Is this too early or too late?”  It truly doesn’t matter.  Every one’s cycle is different and many factors can affect this from one month to the next.  What really matters is when the egg is going to be released.  You must beat this cycle no matter when you actually had your period.  I personally ovulate on the 21st  – 24th day of my cycle.  But, I know people who are ready much, much earlier than that – as early as day 9 – 11.

Most women think that day 14 is the perfect day to conceive a girl.  This may be true for some women, but it may not hold true for you.  Don’t worry so much about what the calendar says.  Worry more about what the ovulation predictor is telling you.

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