2 Reasons Why Mother Monitor Their Pregnancy Week By Week

One of the joys a woman can have is having a baby. Being able to nurture another life inside her body is something that can make them to be extra careful about their body in terms of diet and exercise. Aside from just keeping their bodies at their best during pregnancy, you’ll see lots of mothers who are very passionate about pregnancy who are researching about pregnancy week by week. They want to know what is happening with their baby as they develop weekly.

However, you may ask why a mother can be this excited in checking out their baby’s development every week. There are two possible reasons why they start to check pregnancy week by week like documentation or also checking for their own good.

Mother’s documentation

A lot of women start to solely focus their attention on their families upon getting married that’s why lots of them are very excited upon learning that they’re already expecting another member of the family. This is why you’ll see lots of people who are making their baby’s scrapbook focusing on their baby’s development during pregnancy up to the time of their birth. They can either write this online or their own album about it. What they usually look in checking their pregnancy weekly is the way how their babies develop during these times. When will their babies develop their facts? How about their arms and legs? Although they would not really have their weekly checkup just to monitor this, they will research online just to find out what develops when in their baby’s body. Some of them may even look for pictures that will make their book look better together with their design.

For the benefit of the mother

Most of the time, mothers would research on this not only to monitor the growth of the baby but also for themselves. You will see some resources that discuss about what a mother would feel weekly during their pregnancy. Of course they would feel the regular morning sickness and stuff but they would also want to know how many weeks would it take them until they’ll be free from it. Other things may also be experienced at certain weeks of pregnancy so mothers would like to take note of these just to make sure that everything’s fine and normal. One example is where they may feel some minor labor signs within late 30 weeks so there’s a great chance that their obstetrician will check them for this sign. Again, online resources are the best places where mothers can find this information especially since they need to list them down to monitor themselves.

In conclusion, checking their pregnancy week by week is a good thing to do not only because they are fond with their babies but also in looking for symptoms and see if they are usually felt during pregnancy. This will keep them from worrying especially when everything is fine or get a consultation in any case the symptoms should not occur at this point in time.

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