Miscarriage and Getting Pregnant Again – A Few Tips

Miscarriage and getting pregnant again are two sticky issues that could strain relationships. Miscarriage can be very devastating for many couples especially for women.  Because of the miscarriage, feelings of hopelessness, frustration, self-pity, and anger might set in.

However, you also need to face the desire to conceive again. Most women experience such desire as a way to overcome the trauma of the first miscarriage.  This is a natural reaction and the good news is that you can conceive again after miscarriage and carry your baby to term.   So here are some practical tips that will help you to get pregnant again after miscarriage.

Determine the Right Time to Plan for Pregnancy

There is no hard and fast rule to determine when is the best time to conceive again after miscarriage.  Some doctors may suggest that you should allow at least 3 complete menstrual cycles before beginning to plan for pregnancy.  There are some doctors however that require their patients to wait for at least six months before conceiving again.

To increase your chance of successful pregnancy, it is wise to wait a few months to allow your body to recover.  Remember, the uterus needs enough time heal and recover.  If you try to conceive immediately, the risk of recurrent miscarriage also increases.

Know the Cause of Your Miscarriage

Understanding the cause of your miscarriage is very important.  If you know why you lost the baby, then you can take active steps to prevent it from happening again.  Just remember that the great majority of women who experienced one miscarriage were able to have successful pregnancy for the next time.

In order to minimize your anxiety about possible recurrent miscarriage, you should consult your gynecologist before deciding to get pregnant again.  You must also avoid fearing a miscarriage once you conceive because this could put a lot of stress on you and your baby.

Conceiving Again Should Be a Mutual Decision

You and your partner should mutually decide when you should conceive again.  It is not advisable for you to put pressure on your partner or vice versa.  The decision to get pregnant again should be a mutual decision to increase the chances of success.

It is also important to treat pregnancy as a beautiful and natural endeavor.  Do not attempt to get pregnant and treat it as a job.  The intimacy of your relationship with your partner could be affected if you will push hard to get pregnant.

You and your partner should enjoy pregnancy planning.  You can also develop creative ways when timing the sexual intercourse in order to increase the chance of conceiving after miscarriage.

Miscarriage and getting pregnant again are two major issues faced by couples who desperately want a baby.  Do not allow miscarriage to derail your plans.  You have to remember that you have more than 90 percent chance of successful pregnancy even after a miscarriage.  The key is to understand the reason why you experienced a miscarriage so that you can avoid it the next time you attempt to get pregnant again.

Miscarriage and Getting pregnant again are two sticky issues hounding most couples. If you want to get pregnant again safely, then you have to overcome the trauma of miscarriage by establishing an honest communication with your partner.


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