5 Symptoms of Pregnancy That Can Embarrass You

Heard of symptoms of pregnancy that would put you in an awkward position? Yes, such symptoms exist, and you better know about them before they catch you off guard.

Here are 5 symptoms of pregnancy that might give you a red face at that time, but you’re surely gonna laugh them loud later.

You Wet Your Pants!

What? Yes, ladies, watch out for sudden gush of urine during your pregnancy. Your expanding uterus exerts pressure on your bladder. Thus, you are unable to hold even a small amount of urine. There are instances when women have experienced urine trickling down their socks as they stand up suddenly or laugh.

TACKLING TIPS: You can’t do much about your bladder but you can certainly drink less amount of water, especially at the workplace, to avoid embarrassment. Also, wear sanitary pads. Also do Kegel exercises. They are terrific for your pelvic muscles.

You Fart Or Belch In Public!

This is the time when your stomach motility slows down due to escalating hormones. This results in accumulation of gas in your stomach. You end up farting or belching loudly when sitting among people. This is the time when you wished for a pregnancy with no symptoms!

TACKLING TIPS: Watch what you eat during pregnancy. Avoid beans, broccoli, and aerated drinks. Instead of taking 3 large meals, take 5-6 small meals every day.

You Throw Up Suddenly!

Morning sickness is one of the well-known symptoms of pregnancy, but at times, things can get worse. You vomit when you least expect to do so.

TACKLING TIPS: Schedule your prenatal vitamins at dinnertime. Take them along with your meals. Iron triggers nausea in some women. So, switch to a low-iron supplement. There are anti-seasickness wristbands available. They press a certain point on your wrist that reduces nausea. Sucking ginger or a hard lemon flavored candy also helps.

You Feel Like Scratching While Talking!

Blame it on vaginal problems during pregnancy. This includes itching, odor, discharge, and swelling of vulva. This is due to raging hormones and your growing uterus. An increase in fluids leads to itching. Some women even feel a burning sensation.

TACKLING TIPS: Keep the area around your vagina, clean and dry. Always wear fresh panty liners. In case of vulva varicosities (vulva turns purple or reddish in color), consult your doctor.

You Become Forgettable!

You might have never thought in your wildest dreams that you would forget your car keys or an important date for presentation. But, in pregnancy, such things can happen! Your mind gets overloaded with so many changes happening inside your body and so many things to do that it gets chaotic.

TACKLING TIPS: Do not let stress take a toll on you. Skip multi-tasking for now. Do one thing at a time with a calm mind.

Besides these awkward symptoms, you must also know about symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. Knowledge is the key to a happy pregnancy. Keep in touch with your doctor to know more about symptoms of pregnancy.

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