How To Figure Out Ovulation When You’re Trying To Get Pregnant With A Boy Baby

Most people realize that knowing exactly when you ovulate is vital to gender selection.  This is equally true whether you’re trying for a boy or a girl.  Even being only a day or two late or early can be difference between success or failure.  This article will focus on calculating ovulation in preparation for conceiving or becoming pregnant with a boy baby.  I’ll go over what I think are older and not so reliable methods and those which I think are preferable to ensure the best odds of success.

Older Methods: Basal Temperature, Cervical Mucus And Calculating Half Way Between Your Cycle: The first method I will discuss is the basal temperature method.  What you’re doing here is taking and charting your first morning temperature each day.  You’re looking for dips and then a steady spike to indicate that ovulation has occurred.  The problem with this is that if you try this you’ll see that there are many peaks and valleys and if you’re running a temperature for other reasons then you really can’t tell when the proper day is. When accuracy is so vital, this probably isn’t the best that you can do.

The next method is cervical mucus monitoring.  This is kind of unsavory to talk about, but what you do is you gage the consistency of your cervical mucus. You’re looking for it to look like egg whites and to be thin and runny. You can also feel changes in your cervix as it will raise and become lower throughout the month (you’re often told to feel for what would feel like a baby’s nose.)  To me, this is the most difficult of all methods.  It’s invasive and weird fishing around for specimens and it’s hard to tell because the changes are so small.

Finally, many people will just take the length of their cycle and go for half way in between this time period. So, if you have a 28 day cycle, with this method you’d start trying to get pregnant on about day 14.  Again, the problem with this is that a woman’s ovulation day will vary each month.  It doesn’t always happen midway through. I have a 28 -30 day cycle and I ovulate almost always after day 20.  I have friends that ovulate around day 10 – 12. Everyone is different and unique.

Measuring Bodily Fluids:  As ovulation approaches, body chemistry and hormones change.  You can pick up these changes in bodily fluids like urine, blood, and saliva.  You basically place your bodily fluids onto a tester and the tester will spit out either a positive or a negative.  For example, if you’re testing urine, you will place some urine on the tester and it will tell you if you are approaching ovulation or if you have ovulated or not.

Blood testing is more rare and expensive. This is often limited to clinics because who wants to take their own blood? Not many folks are willing to take this one on, especially since the other methods are just as effective and are easier. 

If you’re testing your saliva, you will simply place some saliva onto a slide and then the predictor kit contains a tiny microscope which magnifies the saliva.  You can actually easily see the changes that take place each day.  Each kit comes with a little chart to show you how the slide should look when you are approaching ovulation or when this already has happened. I prefer this method because it’s the easiest and most reliable for me.  You aren’t limited to just early morning and you can keep testing throughout the day.

More: Calculating your ovulation is very important, but there is more still.  If you want a boy, you’ll also want to make your PH lower and more alkaline.  If you’re already acidic you’ll have to change this through diet or douching.  And, you’ll want to use deep penetration when you have intercourse because this makes it easier on the weaker boy sperm.

I’ve put together a few websites that take a lot of the guess work out of choosing your baby’s gender when getting pregnant. You’ll find step by step instructions, resources for douche recipes and food PH lists, information on when to conceive, tips, support, and examples of ovulation predictors / PH testing strips.

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