How Women Can EASILY Hold Onto Their Husbands

I would like to introduce an almost surefire way for ladies to hold onto their husbands (hopefully it’s only one husband and not multiple husbands). I don’t know why counselors don’t think of this simple way more often, but I am almost certain it works every single time it is tried. I’m also certain that there will be those who would suggest that it is a sexist and crude method, but I am telling you that it is effective. Most guys reading it will acknowledge its effectiveness, but the ladies will have a hard time understanding its potency. I’m done with the buildup; on with the overly simple method.

Ladies, before your husband leaves the house for work, smother him with a seductive slobbery kiss. That’s it. That’s the method. Couldn’t be simpler than that, could it? Kiss your man passionately before he leaves for work. I’m not talking about a typical “peck” on the cheek or on the lips. I’m not talking about a minor bear hug. I’m talking about a suggestive and provocative, “here’s something to remember me throughout the day, hope I’ll be on your mind during the day today” kiss. As I mentioned earlier, men get that kind of kiss. They may misinterpret it, but they certainly get it. They know that it will be effective.

Guess what your husband will be thinking about on his way to work? You. Guess what he’ll be thinking about when the cute perky twenty-something struts past his office in the middle of the afternoon after you’ve followed up the kiss with a quick phone call or email letting him know in no uncertain terms that there’s more of “that” when he gets home? That’s right, you will be on his mind. Of course he will probably not be able to concentrate through the day because, once again, he’s thinking of you. Do you really think that’s a bad thing once or twice a month? Do you really think he’s likely to stray if you do this every once in a while? And those flowers you were hoping he’d bring home? If the guy has any sense, they will precede him through the door that evening. Chances are he’s already changed his post-work plans with his buddies. That’s a safe bet.

Here’s the long and short of this method: let your husband clearly know that what he has at home is far more superior to anything – anything – that he sees or could be attracted to outside the home. You may already know that truth, but your husband every so often needs to be reminded of it.

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