Why Russian women prefer to have western husbands

It is not a secret nowadays that Russian women prefer their western husbands to have the qualities of being smart educated and sophisticated. There are several reasons for why Russian women prefer marrying foreigners rather than Russian men.

A western husband would treat his wife equally while a Russian husband dominates his wife. A Russian woman expects that her husband respect, understand and give her independency to take decisions related to household matters. They also expect their husbands to be loyal and not to have relationships with other women, to avoid heavy drinking and to take good care of financial matters. And western men meet these demands easily.

Most women who work in Russia earn very less money compared to western women. Some Russian women prefer to work while others prefer to be housewives. When a woman gets married to a western man, she expects a good well settled life. Usually western men earn more than Russian people which leads to a better quality of life, raising the kids, providing financial security to home.

Most of Russian women cannot afford to pay a visit to meet the person they have chosen. Going to west means a huge amount of money. That is why Russian women expect western men to visit Russia as they have the capability to spend money. Knowing this, Russian women pay more attention to various Internet dating websites. Such sites are a good chance for Russian women to find a beloved from abroad. Every woman can register at such sites. And doing this, she can have the convenience of having an online chat or talk with any western man. Various online means such as live chats or conversations help a lot in choosing the mate. The borders of all the counties become transparent in the area of the web. And people from different parts of the word can be connected very easily. This is the main peculiarity of the 21st century.

A Russian woman wants to be loved, cared and wants to have a comfortable life with her mate. Financial security with an emotional bondage leads to a happy married life. Russian women marry quicker enough since the population of Russian women is bigger than that of Russian men. This leads to more concentration of marrying a western man.

Russian women who prefer to marry westerners need to apply for all those emigration rules that will make them US citizen. The Process becomes quicker when she gets married to a western man and gets a residency status. Lots of dating sites are also involved in assisting Russian women to get immigrated to the country they have chosen their partner from.

To crown it all, it should be mentioned that western men today have become the preferred choice when we speak about Russian women. The days when they had to corner themselves and get married to a Russian man are gone now. With online dating sites all over Russia, it has become easy for Russian women to get married to western men.

Single Russian women of BeHappy2Day know well enough that western men are the most suitable match for them.