Yeast Infection When You Are Pregnant

During pregnancy, it is quite normal to find yourself with a yeast infection. It is not necessary to be alarmed by this and the yeast is much the same as at any other time. One special consideration during pregnancy is that the hormone levels are impossible to control. The symptoms are the same, itchiness, unpleasant odor, discharge like sour milk.

Some women have their first ever yeast infection during pregnancy. If this is the case, it is strongly advised to see a gynecologist. The doctor can identify the problem for certain and can check it is only yeast. Any other conditions will get the attention of the doctor and be treated as best as possible. There will, most likely, be itchiness caused by a yeast infection, and maybe redness from being rubbed. However, if there is any burning feeling while urinating, a bladder infection could be present, so a urine test is a good idea. Be sure to tell the gynecologist about any medication you are already on or any creams you have applied. To ensure the safety of the baby, oral drugs, which are normally used to treat yeast infection, will not be prescribed. Creams or ointments are the methods to treat yeast during pregnancy. In most cases, the treatment will be to apply the prescription until the yeast disappears and then for a couple more days.

Your doctor will help you if the infection re-appears. A change of diet might be advised. The most obvious dietary change would be to cut down sugar. Another common one is the introduction of berry juices. Another consideration is the toiletries you may be using, which may be irritating the area. It is sometimes better to switch to unscented toiletries.

You should not be worrying too much about your health and your baby’s health due to yeast infection during pregnancy. However, the baby may get an oral infection, which you will notice as a milky look in the mouth. This infection can make its way through to the genital area if left untreated so just make sure this doesn’t happen.

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