Original Dissertations

It is a well known fact that not every company in the essay writing marketplace can write original dissertations. An original dissertation is basically a dissertation that is tailor-made to the specific queries or topic of the client and hence does not contain any instance of plagiarism. In the recent past, a number of players in the essay writing industry branding themselves as original essay writing companies have been accused of delivering plagiarized pieces to students who place orders for original essays.

 It is in this backdrop that students should be advised to exercise great caution whilst dealing with companies branding themselves as original essay service providers. What however beats most students is how to distinguish an original essay company from an imposer. For imposers, there are always some danger signs to look our for. For instance, fake original essay companies do not have a number of services offered by genuine original essay companies. The absence of some of these critical services which we discuss below should act as a warning shot to those who want to place original essay orders.

Why lace an order with us?

First and foremost, an original essay company must only hire competent as well as experienced writers. Original dissertation seekers must take this very seriously because the quality of your dissertation is a function of its writer. You can hence be certain that if a company employs quacks, then what you will get for a dissertation is no better that crap. However, for a company hat engages the services of professionals who are hardened by the many years of experience they have in the original essay industry, the quality of all its papers shall always be stellar. For our company, this is the case. All our writers are graduates from only the top cream Ivy League institutions and a majority of those we have engaged as our staff writers hold a post graduate qualifications like masters as well as doctorate degrees. You can hence be certain that any original essay order you place with our award winning original dissertation company shall be addressed by only the best hands in the dissertations marketplace.

 Next, we honor the rules of originality. There is no way we can refer to ourselves as a topnotch original essay company and fail to deliver originality. To enhance originality, we have over time put policies and measures in place to ensure that all he orders placed with us are completed from scratch by our group of dedicated writers. Beginning a paper from scratch essentially means that any chances of here being a plagiarism instance is eliminated.

Next, we format as well as reference all your original essay orders as per your preferred referencing style. That is, we reference all the dissertations placed with us or otherwise as per the client specifications i.e. APA referencing style, MLA referencing style, Harvard referencing style, Oxford referencing style etc. You can also be certain that prices we charge you with respect to your original essay are the cheapest in the original essay marketplace. We do not have any hidden charges and all our pricing policies are reviewed on a daily basis and informed by only three issues including the number of pages of the original essay, its urgency as well as its difficulty level.

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