How To Choose An Obstetrician For Your Pregnancy

Finding out your pregnant is a wonderful event but can be followed by some stressful concerns, especially if this is your first pregnancy. For this reason, it is important to know you are in the best of care at your OBGyn office. Consider the following questions to ask to find someone who will meet all your needs. Whether you live in and are looking for a Brentwood OBGyn or a New York City OBGyn these questions apply to anyone.

What is Important to You During Labor and Delivery?
You will need to find out the answer to this question for yourself before you approach your obstetrician about his/her opinions. Whether you want the added safety of a full hospital staff or a more intimate experience at a birthing center is entirely up to you, but you need a doctor that will support you in your desires. Perhaps you have thought about a doula to lend support during labor or you would prefer to not have an episiotomy. There are many things to consider, but bring them up with your doctor and if he or she does not support you in your plan, it is probably best to look for another one that will.

Do You Have Health Concerns?
If you are diabetic or have other major health concerns, it is wise to find an obstetrician that has had a lot of experience with other patients like you. Be sure to tell him or her all about your medical history and find out how he or she plans to most effectively navigate through your pregnancy. If you feel good about the plan then you know that you are in good hands.

What Hospital Will Your Obstetrician Deliver at?
Most obstetricians are limited to what hospitals they can deliver at. If staying at a certain hospital or birthing center is important to you, than you should look into this from the very beginning. You don’t want to fall in love with your doctor only to find out that he can’t deliver at your preferred hospital or even worse, the only hospital that is covered on your insurance.

Is it Important to You to Have Your Obstetrician Deliver?
Many OBGyn offices are set up as a shared practice. This means that you may or may not see the same doctor with each visit. This also means that whoever is on call will be the one to deliver your baby. If you would prefer to have the same doctor at each visit and that same doctor deliver your baby, make sure you look into an obstetrician who has a private practice.

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