Pregnant Workouts – Physical Fitness Strategies For The 1st Trimester

If you wish to continue exercising during your pregnancy then, you will need to change your exercise routine. The most important priority is you and your babies health and well being. Therefore, the changes you make must reflect this by ensuring your exercise routines are safe.

The key thing with any exercise routine especially when your pregnant is listening to your body. If you are over exerting yourself or pushing yourself too hard your body will tell you. These signals are an initial warning to either slow down, modify your routines or stop altogether.

The best thing to do when exercising during pregnancy is to start as early as possible to ensure your body can adapt to the changes. During the first 13 weeks of the first trimester, it is fine to continue with your usual exercise routine. If you are beginning for the first time it is advisable that you start off gradually. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or exercising for the first time consider the following suggestions to help you during the first trimester:

* Exercise is preferably done when you are physically and emotionally up to it however, if your experiencing the earlysigns of pregnancy such as morning sickness, sensitive breasts or having little energy then, reduce your routines and do not feel guilty about it.

* The 10 weeks of the first trimester is the best opportunity to work on your stomach, abdominal muscles and pelvic area. After 10 weeks it is advisable to reduce or omit any sit up or curl up exercises although, it is still fine to continue with your pelvic floor exercises.

* This is not compulsory however, it is important to feel as comfortable as possible when you exercise particularly, when pregnant. If you exercised regularly before becoming pregnant you probably have plenty of track suits, leggings and support bras. One of the effects of being pregnant is certain parts of the body seem to take on a life of their own. You will begin to see this happening as your breasts become bigger and heavier. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy yourself two pairs of sport bras to support the extra weight while exercising. The extra pair should be a size larger, as you will be surprised how large your breasts grow between the first and second trimester.

* While you are doing your exercise routines get into the habit of breathing correctly. This means inhale and exhale deeply in a relaxed and controlled manner. By combining your breathing in unison with your movements you will feel more relaxed. The breathing also helps with increasing oxygen in the blood to improve circulation.


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