Pregnancy 1st Week – Symptoms and Signs

It is an unsettling time for women and their significant others as they wait to try to find out if they are pregnant or not. There are many ways to tell and many tests to take to find out but in most cases a number of things start to occur in the pregnancy first week.  In fact, sometimes the symptoms that the body starts to go through are the easiest way to tell whether or not you are pregnant or not. They are usually pretty obvious (if not severe) and if you just listen to the changes in your body you will know that you are pregnant if you experience these symptoms.

One of the first things that will happen, often in pregnancy first week, is the way the breasts will feel. The body starts to get flooded with HCG (which is a hormone) and this increase in HCG will result in the breasts feeling tender to the touch as well as occasionally they will actually hurt. For some women there will be a noticeable change in the surface area of the breast because the veins, usually underneath and not visible, surface and are more visible to the naked eye. In addition some women might notice that their nipple is changing in color to a darken shade.

In the pregnancy first week the body will understand that changes are needed and prepare for the long journey ahead. This preparation includes a period of nausea and sometimes vomiting. Although neither of these is very enjoyable the symptom does tend to go away over time. Being nauseous is not confined to morning sickness either. Any woman can be nauseous any time of the day. Some tend to have it in the morning (most), some in the afternoon, some at night and some can actually feel it all day long. It is different for different women.

Of course irritability is part of the story. In the beginning of pregnancy first week many things hit the body pretty hard. The body is flooded with all these hormones that it is not use to and this imbalance will impact moods. It is just the way it goes. Along with this issue, bodily functions change and constipation as well as frequent urination are symptoms that most find uncomfortable and annoying. The bladder gets pressure applied from the expanding uterus leaving the body to feel like there is a need to go to the bathroom. Sometimes this is a true call and sometimes it is a false alarm.

During pregnancy first week another symptom that will occur is spotting. Spotting occurs at the same time as when the monthly cycle should have started. This timing tends to throw some women off but most will realize that something is different when the flow of blood never occurs. The spotting is in fact caused because the egg is settling into position and adhering to the endometrial lining. This adherence is what will cause the spotting that almost all women will experience. Sometimes this spotting is also accompanied by cramping. 

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