Week One of Pregnancy

There are few moments in life as precious as that one when a woman and her spouse finds out or even suspects that they are going to have a baby. It is an exciting time filled with wonder, awe and fear. For those that track dates, conception usually occurs mid month between cycles because that is when you ovulate and the conception can take place. For many women they begin to think they can feel changes as early as that very first week. There are different calendars that decide what week one of pregnancy is and is not, but there are a series of symptoms that will occur in rapid order as soon as you conceive. Some are not as fast to surface as others but these are the ones that you should be aware of as you try to determine if you are pregnant or not. Since you’ll be guessing for four weeks anyway (until you can take a test) you might as well listen to your body.  If you do listen you might hear some hints as early as week one of pregnancy.

Our body seems to know when we are preparing for an attack of some kind. It can be a cold, an infection or anything else but the body knows. When the body starts to use up energy to defend against or for whatever is occurring, it saps energy from other places and the impact is that we start to feel a bit tired. During week one of pregnancy most women will begin to feel a bit tired. You might not know what is causing it or even give it any thought at all but you can feel a bit lethargic.

When women are in touch with their bodies like they often are they feel things that are new and that includes feeling like the breasts are tender or sensitive. This particular symptom is one that happens fairly quickly. The breast will start to transform for the upcoming event and although it’s early it is kind of like giving them a wakeup call. The hormones that flood the body will impact the way the breast feel and for most women this is very noticeable. Even as early as week one of pregnancy some women claim to feel this difference.

So many things start to happen within that first week and beyond that happen one after another. There is the possibility of the stomach upset. It is a bit early for that to really kick in but in some cases it has been reported to be felt as early as week one of pregnancy. You have a chance of having some low blood pressure which might cause some dizziness. And of course the need to urinate much more often also will occur fairly early on in the very first weeks of pregnancy.

Close to week one of pregnancy you might want to be on the lookout for spotting This is a common ailment that will also impact at least half of the women who are pregnant. It tends to worry some and shouldn’t since it is just the eggs way of saying “I’m here and I’ve got a good grip.” The egg is borrowing into the endometrial lining and this will cause a little bit of spotting.

More information on your week one of pregnancy. Morning sickness can also be something you may encounter during your pregnancy.