Seven Tips For Husbands To Keep Their Wives Happy

When it comes to saving your marriage and keeping your relationship healthy, both you and your wife should do your part. A marriage is a combined effort between husband and wife; you need to be aware of her needs to make her happy. Most wives want certain things from their husbands, like the following:

Listen to her

Acknowledging what your spouse says will promote better relations with her. In addition to her friends, your wife wants to talk to somebody else about her family, children, work and her experiences and concerns. Listen carefully and pay attention so she realizes you are there with her all the time no matter what happens.

Remind her that she is loved and desired for

You might think that words can’t suffice actions when it comes to showing your love for your wife; but hearing you tell her sweet little things is just what she needs to remind her love that you love her. Don’t just make “I love you” a matter of rote, but say it with sincerity. These things are best said when least expected. Take notice of the little things like how good she looks in an outfit, when she’s having a great hair day, or just how wonderful she is in general. Your words of compliment can truly cheer her up.

Be understanding

Understanding is one of the most important factors in a healthy relationship. Women are particularly sensitive to this concept. All your spouse want from you is to understand why she acts the way she does especially when it gets really difficult to deal with her. She wants you to forgive her for being difficult to understand now and again.

A show of appreciation

In as much as you do, your wife wants to be appreciated with the things she does. She wants to be complimented even with the little things she has accomplished, especially at home. She will really be delighted if you thank her for cooking a great dinner or for guiding your kids with their homework.

Fulfill your share of responsibility with regards to your kids

Both parents should pay attention and discipline their children. She may want you to be more responsible if in case you are too lenient in rearing your kids. Being a couple, she wants you to be her partner in rearing and instilling discipline to your kids, and spend quality time with them. Show her you are as concerned about the kids as she is and that you are doing something to fulfill your responsibility as a father.

Take your partner out once in a while

The everyday demands of career and children will probably make it difficult for you to spend as much time with your wife as you used to. This is one thing she wants more from you now, more than ever. She wants to spend quality time with you. A movie night or going out will definitely make her happy.

Some “alone” time

This does not connote that she no longer wants to be with you and the kids. In order for her to feel best about herself, it is important that she gets a break from the burdens and responsibilities at home. She may want to spend time with her friends, go shopping alone, or spend time at the salon or spa as her way of relaxing.

There may be other things your wife may want from you, but before you can know what they are, talk to her about your relationship and ask if she is happy with her life. This way, you can both learn about each other’s needs and wants so you can both be happy and satisfied with your married life. After all, you both deserve a good life despite the storms that come and go.

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