GO GREEN! During Pregnancy

The moment you find out your pregnant, you instantly start thinking like a mom. You find yourself preparing your home to be baby safe and making sure your little one will be protected. However, one of the most important ways you can do to protect your baby is GOING GREEN! Going green seems to be the “in” thing to do right now, but there are actually many short and long-term benefits to doing so.  If you are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, you may want to consider switching to a green lifestyle. This article discusses how to go green during pregnancy, as well as why it is a good idea to switch to a green lifestyle at this point in life.

GO GREEN! During Pregnancy Tip #1: Switch to Healthier Eating Habits
You can start this tip today, benefiting not only you but also your baby. A diet, which consists of organic fruits, vegetables and other products, is really the best way to go. There are many pesticides and hormones added to foods today that do major damage to not only our bodies but also our environment. Switching to healthier eating habits can be a challenge with all the fast foods around you. However, you can make better choices while on the run as well by looking up places in your area that offer organic foods, you’ll be surprised. You will find that both you and your baby will be healthier, as you will be avoiding exposure to pesticides. Go green during your pregnancy by eating right!

GO GREEN! During Pregnancy Tip #2: Avoid Putting Toxins in Your Body
You may think since you don’t drink or smoke during your pregnancy that you’re not putting toxins in your body, however this is only half true. Toxins come from a number of things that you may not be aware of. For example: fragrances, deodorants and household cleaners. Try switching out your everyday household products to natural alternatives. Using green options and avoiding pollutants from public transportation can be essential to both your own health and the health of your baby. Go green during your pregnancy by switching to natural products!

GO GREEN! During Pregnancy Tip #3: Shop Online
Now days you can find anything and everything online! Skip running errands and shopping around in your car when you don’t have to. You can start by paying bills online and getting the best price for those cute maternity jeans you’ve been wanting. Look for coupon codes and places that offer free shipping and you’ll be surprised on how much you end up saving! If shopping online is not an option with what you’re looking for then try car-pooling with other moms going to the same places. So go green during your pregnancy by shopping online!

Make sure you have a positive attitude about going green during pregnancy. Many people make the decision to go green because it is the current trend. Unless you really want to make the lifestyle changes that are required to go green, you are never going to be able to do it. Be enthusiastic about making eco-friendly changes to your lifestyle and you will be more likely to do it, for you and your baby!

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